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Planning and preparing S-Corporation tax returns

NEW S-Corp Late Filing Election Procedure

Filing a late S-Corporation Election is now much easier and has a longer or no deadline for many filers. Previously, if a business intending to be taxed as a Sub-chapter S Corporation failed to to file a timely election, but … Continue reading

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Beware the IRS Mistake in Your Favor

According to the National Association of Tax Preparers newsletter, the IRS is issuing refund checks to certain taxpayers …. by mistake! I wouldn’t cash that check you receive (without checking with me or another tax preparer) if the letter that … Continue reading

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Late Filing Your S-Corp Election Part 1

Did you just realize that no one filed the one piece of paper that changed your C-corporation or LLC into an S-corporation? The election to S-corp should have been filed the year before it applies or within 2 months and … Continue reading

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