Don’t go to your Income Tax Audit!

Really. I don’t recommend it. When it is your tax return and your money at stake, emotions can run high, and it’s easy to make a mistake. The IRS agent will ask you questions that you may not want to answer or that you may wish later that you had answered differently.

Send someone else instead – preferably a tax professional who has dealt with your situation before. With a properly executed Form 2848, an EA, CPA, or attorney can act on your behalf. The IRS agent will still ask me sometimes to bring the client to the examination appointment, but I cite IRC section 7521(c) and they usually let it go because even their internal manual agrees.

Now if you are still planning on going to your own audit, please note that according to the Internal Revenue Code cited above, you can stop the interview at anytime because you wish to consult with an EA, CPA or attorney. A good tax professional can prevent costly mistakes at an audit and might even save you more than going it alone.

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