QuickBooks 2013 and 2012 Updates

QuickBooks 2013

QuickBooks 2013 has a brand-new look and many changes to access important features. The new interface is much more modern and standardized across most forms and functions. A new left sidebar provides easy access to  many areas and is customizable.

My favorite new preference allows us to set either all time or all expenses as billable. For those tracking cost solely for internal purposes, this will come in handy.

The Lead Center has been improved so it’s simpler to add a prospect without cluttering up the customer lists. QuickBooks 2013 added a multiple notes feature which will be helpful for some needs.

In all of the Centers, the tabbed interface is a nice improvement.

For accountants, there have been several changes, including the ability to send Journal Entries to clients for easy updating. One of my favorite is that we can now change Other Names into customers, vendors, or employees.

QuickBooks 2012

QuickBooks 2012 has lots of new features. Here’s an overview of what’s been added and updated. If you’re interested in upgrading or installing, call me and I’d be happy to help.

Now, onto the new goodies — some of them are very exciting!

  • Refresh Excel Spreadsheets
    Export and refresh data in an Excel worksheet from within QuickBooks or Excel. Works with Excel 2003, 2007, and 2010 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Contributed Reports
    Access report templates created by other QuickBooks users, sorted by industry, popularity and user rating
  • Lead Center
    New center to create and manage business leads. Import and track leads. Convert leads to a Customer easily. Maintain multiple contacts for a lead or customer.
  • Global Calendar and To-Dos
    Calendar now includes invoice and billing dates. Tasks now integrated with Calendar. Past-due transactions automatically flagged on Calendar.
  • Document Center
    Attach documents from your hard drive to invoices and more for easy reference.
  • Improved Memorized Transactions
    Easier to select which transactions to enter and which to postpone. Also added a bi-monthly transaction option.
  • Batch Timesheets
    Process multiple vendor and employee time sheets in one convenient batch
  • One-Click Transactions
    Time saving and easy to find options to create a credit memo right from the invoice and pay a bill from within the bill and more.
  • Improved Search and Help
    Add search bar to the top icon bar. Search QuickBooks file or Help. Help now includes KnowledgeBase articles and Live Community Answers
  • Shipping Manager with USPS
    USPS options added to the existing UPS and FedEx shipping. Print shipping labels, find drop-off locations, schedule pick-ups and more.
  • Batch Time and Expenses
    Invoice multiple customers for time and expenses at once.
  • Inventory Center
    Similar to Client and Vendor Centers, now you can find inventory tasks, items and reports in one place. Also  includes a handy notes field
  • Improved History Pane
    Add notes and see more history for a customer or vendor from within bills, invoices, purchase orders and more.
  • 1099 and 1096 Set-up Wizard
    Quickly prepare and file 1099s and 1096s from within QuickBooks.
  • Condense Data
    More options to remove data to speed up files or start new files with existing data
  • Express Start
    Start a new QuickBooks file by answering five basic questions instead of a full company file setup.
  • Auto Data Recovery
    Behind the scenes, QuickBooks automatically maintains two sets of historical data, available to use in cases of data file corruption.

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