Tax Problem-Solving

Tax Problem SolvingIt can happen to anyone — receiving the dreaded IRS notice. IRS audits and collections have increased. In this situation, it helps to have an Enrolled Agent on your side.

I will help you organize your papers, prepare any filings and responses, and represent you by phone and in meetings with the IRS or state tax agencies.

IRS Audit Help

At an IRS audit you are entitled to have a representative appear on your behalf. As a tax professional I highly recommend that you do not go to your own audit. See my blog post about audits for more information. During an income tax audit, it is important to limit the scope of what is being examined and prepare for any tax items that will be questioned. I will go over your tax returns, help you gather supporting documents for your deductions, and prepare all responses to the IRS.

  • Get help with a letter, office, or field income tax audit
  • We can prepare your tax audit paperwork and your responses to the IRS
  • As an Enrolled Agent, I can represent you in person before the IRS or state tax agencies

Back Tax Returns

If you’re getting IRS notices asking for overdue tax returns, we need to act quickly before the IRS files Substitute For Returns for you; you won’t get any deductions that you’re entitled to if they prepare them. I can file an amended tax return if the IRS has already filed SFRs and I can help you retrieve the information needed to get current with your income tax returns. It might not be necessary to file all tax returns, depending on your situation.

  • Free analysis of your situation to see if you must file all back tax returns
  • Expert in gathering information needed to file your back tax returns
  • Prepare all responses to IRS requests for tax returns

Innocent Spouse and Injured Spouse Relief

When filing a joint tax return, both spouses are responsible for any tax deficiency arising from the tax return, including penalties and interest. Filing for Innocent Spouse Relief can remove this liability for a spouse or former spouse.Injured Spouse Relief can be applied when a tax refund on your joint refund will be or was applied against your spouse’s tax or other enforceable debts.

  • Expert analysis of your situation to see if you qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Choosing the correct method of the three Innocent Spouse methods to get the most favorable response from the IRS
  • Updated on the new Innocent Spouse IRS procedures

Installment Agreements

Setting up an affordable payment plan with the IRS may be your best way to avoid IRS collection efforts. After analyzing your situation and filing any necessary amendments and appeals to reduce your amount owed, I will negotiate the most favorable payment arrangements for you.

  • Request a Streamlined Installment Agreement if you qualify
  • Deal with the IRS on your behalf in negotiating your tax debt

Liens and Levies

When a tax lien or IRS levy is pending or ongoing, it is essential to act quickly. With my help, we can negotiate with the IRS to stop the lien or levy. Depending on your situation, there are several steps we can undertake to prevent or remove an IRS lien or levy.

  • Under threat of a tax lien or tax levy? Call for immediate help
  • Explore your options for clearing a tax lien or tax levy

Offers in Compromise

If you owe a large sum of money to the IRS, you might qualify to submit a lower amount to satisfy the debt. I have developed an online Offer in Compromise Calculator that will let you see if you could use this option. Call me for a free detailed analysis of your tax debt situation.

  • Find out if you qualify for paying less than you owe on your tax debt
  • All required paperwork filed correctly – essential for getting an offer accepted

Penalty Abatements

IRS penalties add insult to injury and increase your tax debts. With reasonable cause and expert guidance, you might be able to reduce tax penalties. I’ve researched this area extensively and will prepare all forms and letters for penalty abatement.

  • In some cases, penalties are as much as the original tax assessment
  • The IRS will accept certain circumstances, correctly worded responses to reduce penalties

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