Tax Preparation and Tax Planning

Tax Preparation

An Enrolled Agent is a specialized tax certification granted by the IRS after a rigorous two-day exam. To maintain the certification, yearly continuing education is required. It is a unique specialty that focuses on taxation.

I take a personal approach to income tax preparation. Every year, you will get a consultation with me to discuss changes in your situation and any tax law changes that may affect you. I work hard to find the most advantageous use of the tax code for my clients.

Throughout the year, I speak and email with my clients to answer questions and provide tax planning advice.

Tax Preparation

  • Complete family and business tax preparation
  • Employee and sub-contractor forms filed

Tax Planning

  • Year-round tax planning services
  • Make better decisions

QuickBooks Tax Integration

  • Customize QuickBooks for tax reporting and forecasting, including
    • Form 1120, corporation taxes
    • Form 1120S,  S-corporation taxes
    • Form 1065, partnership taxes
    • Form 990, 990-PF, 990-T, non-profit organization taxes
    • Form 1040, sole proprietor taxes
    • LLC taxes, which may file on 1040, 1065 or 1120
  • Save time at year-end and forecast better

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